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Manual WasteWater Treatment System

 Ringwood Environment, Inc. systems are designed to work best with one-step clay-based separating agents. Although our equipment can be used with traditional treatment chemicals, highest efficiency and ease of operation is achieved with a bentonite clay-based treatment program.

Clay-based flocculants can be mixed very quickly with the wastewater, producing large floc particles that won't break down under heavy agitation. Once mixing is complete, these large flocs quickly settle, allowing the clear water layer to be drawn off. Furthermore, the resulting sludge dewaters easier than the sludge produced from liquid treatment chemicals.

The resut is a faster, smoother-running treatment process requiring minimal operator time. 

Features & Benefits
Economical with small footprint manual system
Maximum throughput: 100 GPH
200-gallon holding tank
100-gallon treatment tank
100-gallon clean water tank
1/4 cubic yard dumpster
Pre-plumbed transfer pump (holding tank to treatment tank)
UL approved control panel
1 horsepower heavy duty agitator with jet basket
Equipment Measurements: Length: 5', Width: 5'2", Height: 6'4", Weight: approximately 1000 lbs. 

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